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"Drake Takes De Valdez's Galleon: the Lord Admiral Pursues the Enemy"

The English fleet pursuing the Spanish fleet against Fowey The engagement of both fleets against the isle of Portland
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To the left, English ships surround Don Pedro de Valdez’s damaged galleon; above, a chain of ships sails from Plymouth. On the right a scene of confusion unfolds. During the night of 22nd July, Drake had set off in pursuit of Spanish merchantmen, extinguishing the light on his own vessel. Meanwhile Lord Howard of Effingham, with the Bear and Mary Rose, mistakenly followed close behind the Spanish, instead of Drake. Unawares and unsupported by the bulk of his fleet, Effingham almost ran into the enemy. It was not until the evening of 23rd July that the rest of the English force caught up with their admiral.

(John Pine's account of 1739)