The House of Lords is particularly grateful to Mark Pigott, KBE for his enthusiastic and generous sponsorship of the Armada Paintings Project and for providing additional support to enable this website to be designed and built.

The House of Lords also thanks the following for their participation in creating this website and for sharing their expertise, knowledge and skills. Their support was key to the success of this project.

  • Lead Artist for Armada Paintings Project: Anthony Oakshett
  • Team of Artists: Bill Clibery; Robin Dixon; Colin Failes; Emily Harnett; Ruijun Hu and Alessia Jones
  • Video Films production: Mike Greenwood and Grant Wakefield
  • Conservators: International Fine Art Conservation Studios Ltd (IFACS)
  • Website Researcher and Editor: Allison Sharpe
  • Website Design and Development: Studio 24 Ltd

The House of Lords also acknowledges with gratitude the expert advice and support given by the following academics at the time of the Armada Paintings Project:

Dr Simon Adams (University of Strathclyde); Dr Pieter Biesboer (Frans Hals Museum); Dr Thomas P. Campbell (Metropolitan Museum); Professor Caroline Dakers (Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design); Ken Douglas; Dr Jenny Gaschke (Curator of Fine Art, National Maritime Museum); Dr Stephen Farrell (History of Parliament Trust); Dr Andrew Hanham; Karen Hearn (Tate Britain); Dr C.S. Knighton; Professor Andrew Lambert (King’s College London); Dr Colin Martin; Dr Natalie Mears (Durham University); Dr Pieter van der Merwe (National Maritime Museum); Roger Quarm (National Maritime Museum); Professor M.J. Rodriguez-Salgado (London School of Economics); Professor N.A.M.. Rodger (All Souls’ College Oxford); Dr Clare A.P. Willsdon (University of Glasgow) and Dr Neil Younger.

The House of Lords is most grateful also to the following for giving permission for images from their collections to be reproduced in this website.

  • The Royal Collection, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
  • Mark Pigott, KBE
  • The National Portrait Gallery
  • The National Maritime Museum
  • The Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Zeeuws Museum Collection
  • The Parliamentary Archives
  • The House of Lords Library
  • Philip Sanderson

All other images are from the Parliamentary Art Collection at the Palace of Westminster. Find out more about the Parliamentary Art Collection at

Project Teams

House of Lords Website Project Board: Lord Crathorne; David Prior; Rob Preston; Mark Cooper; Malcolm Hay; Emma Gormley and Allison Sharpe.

Advisory Panel on the Armada Paintings Project: Lord Brabazon of Tara (Chairman); Lord Crathorne; Viscount Falkland; Lord Thomas of Swynnerton; Ruth Best; Julian Dee; Malcolm Hay; Melanie Unwin and Owen Williams.

House of Lords Works of Art Committee (2006/2007–2009/2010): Lord Crathorne (Chairman 2003/2004–2006/2007); Viscount Falkland (Chairman 2007/2008-2009/2010); Lord Bruce Lockhart; Lord Bernstein of Craigwell; Baroness Gale; Lord Gavron; Earl of Glasgow; Lord Harris of Peckham; Baroness Hilton of Eggardon; Baroness Howells of St Davids; Lord Luke; Baroness Massey of Darwen; Earl of Onslow; Lord Palmer; Lady Saltoun of Abernethy; Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford; Lord Smith of Clifton; Lord Stevenson of Coddenham; Lord Thomas of Swynnerton; Baroness Trumpington; Baroness Valentine and Lord Waddington.

This project has been managed by staff of the Curator’s Office at the Palace of Westminster.

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